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Sprinkler Boss’s Terms and Conditions, Scheduling, Rate and Warranty Policies. 

Please Read Before Scheduling! 

Sprinkler Boss specializes in irrigation systems. 
Our team of technicians are licensed and insured. They have been extensively trained in hydraulics to give you the best outcome for your irrigation needs.

All culinary (Clean Drinking Water) Mainline Irrigation work will be done by our licensed plumber or a plumber of your choosing and will be scheduled ahead of irrigation work.

Due to the variable time needed from job to job, and having multiple jobs in a day, we unfortunately cannot give you a specific time of day for when a technician will arrive even though our online booking service has specific time slots available. 

Our online scheduler has time slots you may select for your appointment day, but these times DO NOT guarantee a time of day for the day you have selected

 A Sprinkler Boss Technician will call you from the stop before yours to communicate arrival time. 


Sprinkler Boss charges a base rate of $90 per hour at a prorated rate, (plus the cost of parts)

Sprinkler Boss charges a one hour minimum ($90)

This includes repair estimates or a diagnosis.

Install estimates are free. 
Drive time is included in this minimum.

The estimate fee (one hour minimum) will be credited back to the customer's invoice IF the customer contractually engages with Sprinkler Boss for the proposed services rendered. 


Sprinkler Boss has a 1 year warranty on ALL parts and labor done by our technicians. 

Due to our warranty policy, Sprinkler Boss cannot use parts provided by the customer. 
In relation with our warranty policy, Sprinkler Boss has a strict “ Replace to Repair” policy. 

We will not repair any broken items on any system. We will replace these items with new parts instead. 
( Example: if a nozzle is clogged: it will be replaced, if a valve is leaking: the valve will be replaced, if a pipe is cracked: that section of the pipe will be cut out and replaced)

The Sprinkler Boss warranty does NOT cover neglect such as: Broken lines caused by freezing; broken heads caused by lawn mowers; clogged valves, clogged nozzles, clogged emitters due to mainline filter not being maintained… ETC


Sprinkler Boss will always try to be accurate when giving an estimate. 
We take pride in our workmanship and our knowledge. 
We will never intentionally underbid a project. 
Estimates are based on time and materials used from similar jobs, however time and materials can vary from job to job. 

Technicians may give a rough estimate, but this does not guarantee a price for the work being done. 

By clicking on the button below, you understand and agree to Sprinkler Boss’s Terms and Conditions, Scheduling, our Rate and Warranty Policies. 

We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.  




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Sprinkler Repair and installation

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